Tony Devon

Focused, dedicated, seasoned and versatile actor Tony Devon whose character leading man persona had off-Broadway, cabaret under his belt before venturing into a successful film career. A lead in "The Fantasticks" and a two year stint as a singing opening act for comedian Rodney Dangerfield in New York that took him performing around the globe from Japan to England. Tony has the ability to change from one film role to another without the help of much make up or disguise. He looks very different and wears his characters like a suit. His wide range of film roles have shown that in his acting performances, be it Lawyer or Gangster, from comedy to drama, his craft and unique acting style speaks for itself. Besides acting he now concentrates on producing and writing. His most recent film is a lead in "Pizza with Bullets" which he co-wrote and starred in with Talia Shire and Vincent Pastore.

Tony Devon

Studied at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Tony was the lead singer of Philly Doo-Wop group "Tony and the Raindrops."

Personal Quotes " Go out there an act, no matter what they want to pay you",

My take on this business is expect nothing, accept everything.

I have always been drawn to the art of acting, the development and dissection of a character and scene. But as I get older, Between films I like to get away and enjoy myself. It's kind of like semi retirement but not really. I take my craft seriously but not the business. For me it's been leads in independent films and small roles in the studio flicks,and I'm having fun. So far it's been a great ride.