Brian Sterling-Vete

President DigiStreamTV


Brian Sterling-Vete is a British Author, Broadcaster, Award-Winning Film Maker, and Guinness World Record Holder. Brian has worked in virtually every aspect of the TV and film industry, on both sides of the camera, and spent over a decade with BBC TV News. Brian was part of the BBC team winning 4 Royal Television Society Awards (2000-2004), a Creative Excellence Award at the Chicago Film and TV Festival in 2001, and worked at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles on ‘Star Trek - The Next Generation’ season 1. In 2001, Brian was part of a team honored by The British Film Institute for their significant contribution to the art of video cinematography. Crucially, Brian also has an extensive background in streaming media and cellular telecom. He was part of the leadership team launching CellStar (then the world’s largest distributor of cellular phones) in the EMA (Europe Middle East and Africa) region between 2005-2007/8 which was listed on the NASDAQ and was the main sponsor of the Tyrell Formula 1 motor racing team. Between 2008-2000 Brian consulted to Brightpoint (then the world’ second largest distributor of cellular phones). In 2005-2007, he was a consultant to Advantage Telecom and to set up the MVNO, ‘Extreme Mobile’. This unique knowledge which combines movie-making, broadcast TV, stream TV, and cellular media delivery powers his vision and ability to deliver global niche stream TV and supporting media. 

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The Team -Operations

Simon Earle

Simon Earle/Cellular and Mobile Platform Integration 

Simon is an experienced Chief Executive Officer in the telecommunications industry. He is skilled in negotiation, business planning, sales, go-to-market strategy, and management. Simon  founded Advantage Cellular Communications, 1999. As the Chairman & CEO, Simon entered into a joint venture with the second highest Nokia distributor in France Sabatier SA. . Simon increased Nokia sales by 300% during the seven-years in cooperation with Nokia .In 2007-2008, Simon served as Chairman and CEO of Extreme Mobile, Ltd. a youth-oriented MVNO project with Vodafone. Simon completed all pre-launch activity, including full marketing and business plans. Simon engaged with strategic partners such as Nokia Siemens Networks and Experian. 

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Peter Wayne

  Pete Wayne/Operations and Cellular Networks Technical Integration 

Pete has spent 25 years working within mobile telecommunications, for both global mobile network operators and suppliers across a wide range of business and technology deployments. Pete has been a senior technical consultant within the mobile telecommunications industry working over the years on 'bleeding edge" innovations which have developed from 2G GSM into 3G and latterly into 4G networks. 

This work has been delivered worldwide in Asia, Latin America, North America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Pete has been involved in a number of startups, both technical and consultative, as well as working with network suppliers to assist in troubleshooting problematic deployments in mobile network operators. 

Pete will cover all operational and technical integrations needed for our software into all mobile cellular networks. He will also work to integrate our next generation video delivery software and live streaming services into the existing mobile carriers. 

Lynn Carnes

  Lynn Carnes was the former Vice President of IT for Wells Fargo bank, and she will lead our IT department and the development team to grow the current software to meet future viewing audience demands. Lynn is also experienced in internet marketing, web management and design, marketing strategy and implementation, social media strategy and implementation, sales, sales tracking, local marketing, SEO and effectiveness tracking.

Lynn has an excellent track record in leadership and IT and TV production. She led the team to deliver the US government Horizon Report in 2012 and has worked closely with the US Department of Education, former Governor of Iowa and now the US Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/Gartner and NASA.



Tony Devon



Tony Devon is an actor, producer and entrepreneur. Besides acting he now concentrates on producing and writing. 

His most recent film is a lead in "Pizza with Bullets" which he co-wrote and starred in with Talia Shire and Vincent Pastore.

Tony studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


"Pizza with Bullets" won the Golden Ace Award at the Las Vegas Film festival and numerous other awards.Focused,

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Robert Rothbard



Robert Rothbard graduated from Temple University's School of Radio, TV, Film and Theater. Robert worked on major motion pictures, with the likes of acclaimed Director's Sergio Leone, Brian De Palma, Dennis Hopper and George Stevens, Jr.


His latest production, "The Painting - the art of slaying" is a horror-comedy that made its World Premiere at the 13th Annual Garden State Film Festival and won Best Horror Film Award, at Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival 2016, in Los Angeles. 

Steven Robert Alexander



Steven Robert Alexander, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) U.S. Army is an author,screen writer and director. His creativity and imagination allow him to write on all subject matters.

Steve is also an accomplished broadcaster, having hosted national radio shows on Cable Radio Network out of Los Angeles. 

Management & Administration

Richard Michael/Co-founder

Richard Michael has over 40 years experience in developing, launching and 

operating multiple businesses.  He is an experienced marketing professional with qualifications in capital formation and equity investments. Richard has spearheaded funding programs for numerous companies. Richard served as V.P. of marketing for 600 unit franchise company. Richard also founded and operated a publicly traded restaurant

company and served as President and CEO of a publicly trade food service

Manufacturing business. 

Richard has an entrepreneurial spirit and an ability to organize and create companies. Richard has a diverse background in various industries and is known as a driving force and problem solver. Early in his career Richard was the marketing director for a national cosmetic company and owned and operated a chain of health and weight loss clinics. As the marketing director for the U.K. Division of a home health care company, Richard resided in London, England for a year. 

Richard is uniquely qualified to manage investor relations and marketing. 

Richard’s goals are to help create superior financial opportunities for shareholders and associates. Richard’s positive, “can do”, attitude is a guiding principle and inspiration to all that work with him.


Paul Esposito/Co-founder

 Paul Esposito has 30 years of administrative and start up experience. Paul served 17 years as V.P. of the country’s largest (Drexel Heritage) home furnishings chain of retail showcase stores. Paul organized and supervised, office, sales, and warehouse staff creating an efficient intra-company system between departments. Paul developed the industry’s first intranet computer system seamlessly connecting sales, inventory, shipping and financial information. 

Paul launched and headed a publicly traded national food and equipment company. Based on a unique patented cooking technology Paul organized and supervised engineering, sales, manufacturing, logistics systems and the legal process to become a publicly traded company. The product won “Best New Product” at the New York Restaurant Show. 

Paul co-founded a publicly traded restaurant franchise company. Paul supervised restaurant design, menu and supply chain, marketing, location selection and the “public” process. 

Paul continued his involvement with various start up and emerging companies, supervising the “public” process, administration and investment activities including involvement with an energy company merge and most recently arranged 1st round funding for an electric vehicle transportation company. 

Paul has a diverse background in various industries, management and organization. 

Alan Knopf/Investor relations

Alan Knopf has over 30 years’ experience in the securities services industry. Mr. Knopf worked at Bache & Company, E.F. Hutton and Paine Webber in V.P. capacity before joining Dean Witter as V.P. of the North Palm Beach division. Alan was responsible for over 400 high net worth clients including Sonny Werblin & family (owner of the Jet’s Football franchise), Bob Maheu, CEO for Howard Hughes and well known political figures. Alan spearheaded the sale of the Marina City Club, in California, the last real estate holding in the Hughes organization. 

Mr. Knopf traded for a 120-million-dollar pension fund for American Medical International, then a leading medical services company trading on the New York Stock Exchange. For that fund he arranged new syndicate equity and fixed income bond issues with minimum values of 1 million each.

Mr. Knopf was also syndicate coordinator providing brokers opportunities to share their client’s new equity issues at E.F. Hutton. Mr. Knopf was recognized in E.F. Hutton’s internal periodical to brokers elaborating on his success in getting institutional clients at a retail firm.

For the last 15 years Mr. Knopf served as a consultant to a top 10 New York City securities litigation law firm.