Steven Robert Alexander

Steve served 28 years in the U.S. Army, partly active duty, Reserve and National Guard. He served two tours in the Middle East. In 2004 while serving as a Senior Advisor to an Iraqi Division Command he was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds sustained in a vehicle borne improvised explosive device, VBIED, a suicide bomber in a water tanker filled with explosives, detonated himself in close proximity.  Steve has also been awarded the Combat Action Badge.  He served a follow on tour late in his career in Kuwait, serving as an Operations Officer.  He also served tours in Panama, Japan and Slovenia, sites that will be included in future novels.  
Steve is also an accomplished broadcaster, having hosted national radio shows on Cable Radio Network out of Los Angeles.  He is an experienced talk show host and oldies music show host, most well known for the Major Ripster and the "B Team" Show that ran from 1999-2001.  After 911, Steve volunteered for active duty and Iraq and spent the next ten years on active duty until his May 2011 retirement.  
Steve is an American Civil War and Ancient Greece historian, an Eagle Scout and high school football coach.  He lives in Colorado and has five Grandchildren.  He enjoys throwing theme parties, songwriting, and acting.