Samples of projects by our associates

Pizza with Bullets

Pastore and Shire are a mob couple who discover their long lost son is a local pizza maker. Tony Devon as "Gino" conspires to eliminate his new competition for top dog.

Joe's War

Armand Assante and Ed Asner star in this story of a returning veteran and his struggles to return to normal life. A story of a soldiers struggle with PTSD.


A novel and screen play by Steven Robert Alexander is a suspenseful drama about alien visitors from a different planet.

Staring Tony Devon

Tony Devon portrays a 1960's doo wop lead singer. 

This film is in pre-production.


A chilling suspenseful story of a kidnapped son of a new family in the neighborhood. The kidnapper will surprise you!


A delusional voyeur uses streaming media to fulfill his twisted fantasies.