Team Continued


Helen Renee Wuorio /Social Media Director

Helen is a specialist strategic consultant for social media, and crisis media management. She will form the right teams to manage each aspect of social media to help expand the business in each sector, and territory.

Helen has a wealth of experience managing social media teams who have advised major clients at the highest levels. In 2017, she was consulted and advised on a matter of national importance, and she devised the strategy to handle the crisis media management, and social media marketing, for a major financial institution which became embroiled in a serious terrorist infiltration. Helen’s strategy was successful, and the reputation of the notable financial institution remains untarnished, and the terrorist infiltration was handled successfully by the police and national security agencies.

Jane Rooney/Film and Media Sales/Distribution 

Jane Rooney will lead the media sales of all content from both the stream TV division, and the movie division. As such, she will negotiate sales, syndication, licensing, and all other deals for our own content, for third parry content, and represent us at the major sales events and festivals which take place worldwide each year.

Jane has with the BBC in London where she worked as producer, assistant producer, production manager, and in casting. Jane now specializes in media sales and professional representation.  Jane works internationally from her London office. Jane was a senior consultant for Rupert Murdoch. 

Simon Earle/Cellular and Mobile Platform Integration 

Simon is an experienced Chief Executive Officer in the telecommunications industry.  He is skilled in negotiation, business planning, sales, go-to-market strategy, and management. Simon is a strong business development professional who founded Advantage Cellular Communications, 1999. As the Chairman & CEO, Simon   entered into a joint venture with the second highest Nokia distributor in France Sabatier SA. Simon led the partnership to develop new business opportunities for Nokia products.  Simon increased Nokia sales by 300% during the seven-years in cooperation with Nokia.  In 2007, Simon sold his company to Polish network Centertel SA; he continued as CEO through 2008 to oversee the company transition. In 2007, Simon established company as second largest airtime distributor for '3' in UK. 

In 2007-2008, Simon served as Chairman and CEO of Extreme Mobile, Ltd. a youth-oriented MVNO  project with Vodafone. Simon completed all pre-launch activity, including a full marketing and business plan. Simon engaged with strategic partners such as Nokia Siemens Networks and Experian. 

As a mergers and acquisition specialist, Simon was the Vice President – Europe, Middle-East and Africa division for Business Development for Brightpoint between 1996 – 1999 He achieved growth in excess of 300% and established Brightpoint in 12 new countries by startup or acquisitions. Brightpoint was the world’s second largest distributor of cellular phones at the time.

Simon was the President of CellStar, Ltd. (UK)  for the European, Middle-East and Africa division of that company. This was the world’s largest distributor of cellular phones at the time. 

Simon Earle will ensure that the DigiStreamTV becomes globally integrated into cellular networks. He will  lead us in gaining maximum penetration to have our app pre-installed on mobile devices. 

Lynn Carnes/IT and Software Development Team Leader

Lynn Carnes was the former Vice President of IT for Wells Fargo bank, and she will lead our IT department and the development team to grow the current software to meet future viewing audience demands. 

Lynn has an excellent track record in leadership and IT and TV production. She led the team to deliver the US government Horizon Report in 2012 and has worked closely with the US department of Education, former Governor of Iowa and now the US Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/Gartner and NASA.

Lynn is also experienced in internet marketing, web management and design, marketing strategy and implementation, social media strategy and implementation, sales, sales tracking, local marketing, 

SEO and effectiveness tracking.

Pete Wayne/Operations and Cellular Networks Technical Integration 

Pete has spent 25 years working within mobile telecommunications, for both global mobile network operators and suppliers across a wide range of business and technical deployments.  Pete has been a senior technical consultant within the mobile telecommunications industry working over the years on 'bleeding edge" innovations which have developed from 2G GSM into 3G and latterly into 4G networks. 

This work has been delivered worldwide in Asia, Latin America, North America, Africa, Middle East and Europe. Pete has been involved in a number of startups, both technical and consultative, as well as working with network suppliers to assist in troubleshooting problematic deployments in mobile network operators. 

Pete will cover all operational and technical integrations needed for our software into all mobile cellular networks. He will also work to integrate our next generation video delivery software, and live streaming services into the existing mobile carriers.