Business and Investment



The Company owns and operates DigiStreamTV streaming movie channel, a fully functional media source. DigiStreamTV viewable on T.V., computers, tablets, smart phones and other digital devices. 

DigiStreamTV  functions in the same manner as Netflix, Hulu , Pandora and other streaming media providers. DigiStreamTV is a subscription based service. Subscribers will  have access to various independent films and Company productions in various niche genres.

The channel will also serve as a show case for film makers to present their films to distributors and agents.



The Company invests in and produces quality film projects in a variety of genres. 

We are associated with studios, directors, producers, actors, directors, script writers, editors, CGI technicians, distributors and other related personnel and companies.

Investments include full financing, partial financing and finishing or post production financing.

As part of our "associates agreements" we have secured "first right of refusal" for any property or project our associates are engaged in.



Investment in film has traditionally been based on a single film project. The entire investment is dependent on the success of one film. Payouts schedules are complicated and difficult to monitor and audit. Investors who are not familiar with the process are at a disadvantage and may not understand the various “point systems”.

Real Equity Films Associates offers a different investment opportunity. Investment is based on equity in the Company, not just one film. Investors receive shares, not “points”. Shareholders benefit from all revenue, including subscription revenue generated by OLYMPUS streaming channel. 


Similar to Netflix, Hulu and Pandora the Company generates revenue from consumer paid subscriptions. Sophisticated software collects "auto-pay" from subscribers.


Films are available to other outlets and distributors in the industry. DigiStream serves as a showcase for films produced by the Company as well as independently produced projects.


The Company is structured as a corporation. We are funded initially by investors who receive equity in the form of "shares". The Company intends to file to be a publicly traded company on a U.S. exchange.