Brian Sterling-Vete


Brian's latest projects include researching and gathering data for new, factual scientific-based TV shows, and books, about unsolved mysteries, the paranormal, and UFOs.   

Brian's most last notable broadcast documentary was about the story behind, the formation of the United States as a nation with: Robert Brown: The Rebel Who Inspired a Nation.  The was broadcast on several PBS channels, in the United States, and on other networks in other countries.

Brian Sterling-Vete

In 2001, Brian was part of a team honoured by The British Film Institute for their significant contribution to the art of video cinematography.  His pioneering work in this genre is in print in the book, “Tuxedo Warriors, together with several documentaries about the movies that were made and the production team who made them.

As an internationally recognized martial arts coach and lifetime achievement award-winner, Brian was inspired to write his first book; Mental Martial Arts.  He then went on to write and publish 12 more books.  Since he is an internationally acclaimed strength and fitness coach, and was named among the top 10 coaches in the United States, several of these are about the ISOfitness exercise system which he invented, as well as his autobiography, a biography, and 2 horror-thriller novels.

In his early days while working as a stuntman, Brian began setting new World Records in the martial arts, and later in fire stunts.  As a current Guinness World Record holder, Brian has held 5 World Records, and has produced 13 Guinness World Record events, with the last one in Cadiz, Spain in 2005.

As an actor, Brian has appeared in many movies and TV shows, with the latest being Charles Dickens 200th Anniversary,Agents of Change, and the horror movie Geist. As a producer, director and broadcaster-host, Brian has many factual TV documentaries under his belt, many of which include elaborate historical dramatic re-enactments of events. 

As a businessman, Brian has been the Managing Director of a company since 1992, and was a senior partner in the European, Middle-East and Africa division of a telecom business which was listed on the NASDAQ.  At the time, this company was the Worlds largest distributor of cellular phones, and was the main sponsor of the Tyrell Formula 1 motor racing team.