Two college film school students working on their final college requirement get themselves and their professor involved with the US government, terrorists and others, all in a pursuit involving

UFO’s & IAC’s (Identified Alien Craft).

It all began when they went to a UFO convention, in search of a story. They meet Kenneth Denton, a man who says in 1973 he and his girlfriend saw an alien spacecraft around the same time that nuclear weapon missile silos across the world and other strategic assets were rendered useless by an extraterrestrial force.

While researching, international and domestic terrorists threaten the world by taking control of weaponized drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. 

Threatening to unleash the weapons on locations unless the governments of the world, reveal the truth, that there is alien life and that in the past, extraterrestrial spacecraft have affected the potential use of nuclear weapons. All of which has been continually covered up by all governments. 

Will the Government speak up or is it too late?

This film is loosely based on true events. We will not only entertain you, but we will also give

you a look into the real world of UFO’s.